The Lost Art of Customer Service: Restoring customer loyalty in the digital age


80% of businesses believe that they are providing a superior level of service.
Yet only 8% of customers believe that they receive superior service.

Not only have businesses lost the art of customer service, they are clearly deluding themselves about the level of service that they actually supply.

In his book The Lost Art of Customer Service author Terry Melaugh examines just why customer service has become a lost art and what needs to be done to restore it.

Today’s consumers are more educated, discerning, sophisticated and demanding. They are more informed and have greater choice than ever before. The balance of power is switching from the supplier to the consumer. In order to secure their custom, businesses need to step up to the plate.

Any business can provide an excellent level of service. It is a matter of getting the basics right and delivering consistently on promises made to customers.

This book considers the challenge to modern business and the need for customer-centric strategies to drive change.

This book is full of useful information on how to plan, develop, implement and sustain programs designed to retain customers and increase the level of business you do with them.

You will be shown:

•How to assess your current levels of customer service.
•How to look at your service from the customer’s perspective.
•How to put customers at the core of your business.
•How to develop a customer service strategy.
•Which customers you should target and attract.
•Which customers you should do more business with.
•How to build trust with your customers.
•How to differentiate your offering.
•How to get customers to recommend your service.
•How to go about improving your service levels.
•How to build a reputation for customer service.
•How to add value to your offering.

If you want to improve your level of customer service then you need to discover:

•How to interact with customers in the digital age.
•How to prevent customer attrition.
•How to boost customer loyalty.
•How to recruit and get the most from the right employees.
•How to train your employees to provide superior service.
•How to deal with customer phone calls.
•How to get the most from your company website.
•How to make the most from customer feedback.
•How to audit and improve your customer service system.
•How to deal with customer complaints.
•How to deal with difficult customers.
•The best way to calm down an angry customer.
•When you need to say, ‘No.’
•How to benchmark your service levels.
•How to manage customer expectations.
•And much, much, more………..

Follow these simple guidelines and notice how your business will prosper through improved customer loyalty and increased word of mouth promotion.

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