The Opt-Out Effect: Marketing Strategies that Empower Consumers and Win Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty


If you’re a brand marketer, you know your customers are now more empowered than ever — and more than ever, they’re using that power to wrest control over their brand relationships. You’re watching them use online and mobile digital tools to opt-out of conventional email and other pushy brand management tactics. Since they will control your brand relationship, there’s only way to win: help them do it. The Opt-Out Effect shows you how.
Marketing thought leader Gerald Smith bring together new research data, powerful strategies, and indispensable tools for implementing customer-centric brand management that supports today’s customers and earns their loyalty.
You’ll master new digital brand management best practices hands-on, via realistic exercises and methodologies you can use in your own environment. Smith grounds his recommendations in evidence, unveiling important new research Boston College that illuminates the viewpoints of hundreds of consumers and marketers across leading industries.
Learn how to:
* Quantify what opt-out is costing your business in dollars and cents
* Control opt-out by empowering customers with opt-up, opt-down, and opt-in user preferences
* Reframe brand strategy as customer-centric, building on radically new assumptions, languages, and beliefs about marketing
* Apply customer-centric concepts such as Opt-Out Monetization, Customer-Driven Brand Loyalty, Customer-Driven Lifetime Value, and Customer-Driven Brand Equity
* Profitably empower customers to control their messaging, media, channels, offerings, and more

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