The Power of Mobile Apps: How a Mobile App Can Increase Sales, Strengthen Customer Loyalty and Grow Your Bottom Line-No Matter What Business You’re In (Conversations)


Mobile apps are powerful business tools for customer engagement and retention, and technology has made them affordable for even small, single-location companies. In this Conversations ebook, web solutions expert Alex Serrano, president & co-founder of Creative Bulldog Company, explains:

•What mobile apps are (including the difference between mobile websites and mobile apps)
•How they can help build your business
•How you can build an affordable app quickly and easily
•How to decide what features to include in your app and
•How to let your customers know your app is available.

This quick read is packed with valuable information you can use right now to tap into the mobile revolution and create a mobile app for your business. You’ll learn how to build a mobile app that can help grow your business, improve efficiency and profitability, strengthen customer loyalty, increase the volume of business you are getting from existing customers and much more.

If you’re a church or nonprofit, use this information to increase member/donor engagement and commitment and to communicate with your audience where they’re spending their time.

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