The Principles of Cybersecurity And Hacking: 5 Books In 1- Cybersecurity and Hacking Series

Protecting yourself and your data from online attacks and hacking has never been more Important than it is right now, especially in the digital age.

And you know what they always say, knowledge is power.

The Principles of Cybersecurity and Hacking series aims to provide you exactly with that knowledge, and with that power. This comprehensive, in-depth guide on the fundamentals, concepts and strategies of Cybersecurity and Hacking will take you to another level of protection in this digital world. It provides you with everything you need to know starting from Beginner to Advanced through these 5 books:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity
  • An Intermediate Guide to Cybersecurity
  • An Advanced Guide to Cybersecurity
  • A Beginner’s Guide to learn and Understand Hacking
  • An Intermediate Guide to the Concepts of Hacking

In each book, you will learn and understand topics such as:

  • Types of Cybersecurity
  • Securing Mobile Devices
  • Establishing a Risk Management Framework
  • Social Engineering
  • White Hat Hacking vs Black Hat Hacking

And there’s so much more to learn, which you will all find in this book!

Hacking is real, and what better way to protect yourself than being pro-active and arming yourself with the knowledge on how it works and what you can do against it, so Get your copy now!

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