The Saturn Difference: Creating Customer Loyalty in Your Company


Many people across the country claim they have been “Saturnized,” thanks to the company’s renowned style of conducting business that keeps their customers happy and coming back to purchase again and again. Marketing expert Vicki Lenz explores how Saturn built its exceptional customer service reputation, using their successful methods as a role model to demonstrate how any company can create positive relationships with their customers, fulfill their needs, and turn one-time buyers into repeat-purchasing, loyal clients. Lenz, a satisfied Saturn customer, focuses on why Saturn buyers are so loyal, letting the reader hear directly from the customers themselves and extrapolating lessons from their feedback that are useful in any industry. She covers the steps companies can take to gain customer loyalty, including how to create interest, how to help customers feel welcome, how to solve problems, and how to communicate after the sale. In the spirit of The Nordstrom Way, Lenz offers managers, owners, and entrepreneurs alike sound advice that will show them how to stay ahead in the all-important race to catch, and keep, the customer.

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