The State of Global Literacy in 2016 Infographic


The State of Global Literacy in 2016 Infographic

This infographic shows the state of global literacy in 2016 – specifically, it highlights the progress being made with global illiteracy levels but clearly identifies areas where illiteracy is still a major issue. Moreover, it shows why illiteracy is important and details the larger issues that are related to it and how it affects countries and communities.

It’s primary purpose is to open people’s eyes to the fact that Illiteracy is still a major issue in many of the countries the West classifies as ‘developing’. It is also designed to be somewhat shocking as to the extent the damage that illiteracy causes these countries, the economic and social problems it causes, as well as the gender biases that are associated with illiteracy around the world. Designed to be very shareable among literature, education, and world politics focused communities.


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