The Ultimate CRM Handbook : Strategies and Concepts for Building Enduring Customer Loyalty and Profitability


sA hands-on guidebook from Accenture for building a globally responsive, customer-driven enterprise

As the dust settles from the most recent round of CRM projects, companies are increasingly finding that their efforts havenot delivered anticipated benefits. In The Ultimate CRM Handbook, influential thought leaders from Accenture discuss why CRM has failed to live up to expectations and what companies can do to improve the bottom-line return on CRM investments.

More than 30 chapters and in-depth case studies on many leading companies give managers and senior executives alike the high-level perspective needed to build lasting, profitable bonds with their customers. They also provide techniques companies can use to:

  • Establish more effective interactions with their customers
  • Build lasting brand loyalty
  • Dramatically improve the efficiency of their sales, marketing, and customer service operations

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