The Zappos Miracle


With its Twittering CEO, two-thousand-dollar Quit-Now bonus for new hires, afternoon parades and head-shaving events, the online shoe retailer has captured the attention of business and popular media alike. In 2010, Zappos ranked #15 in Fortune Magazine’s Annual “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, and was selected as the Most Innovative Retailer of the Year by the National Retail Federation. Also, the company has been featured on popular TV programs such as ABC Nightline, 60 Minutes, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

However, the most enthusiastic praise comes from its employees and customers. Zappos has become one of the most influential companies of the decade by focusing on creating a culture of service and “delivering happiness” to its employees, customers, partners, and shareholders.

THE ZAPPOS MIRACLE is the first book of its kind. The author is a seasoned Japanese management consultant who was so intrigued by Zappos’ people-centric strategies that he decided to live among Zapponians to experience Zappos’ unique culture firsthand.

This digital edition is a translation of the original Japanese language book published in Japan in November 2009. The book has generated considerable buzz on the Internet and greatly contributed to raising awareness for Zappos in Japan, where they do not currently operate and had virtually no name recognition prior to the publication of the book. In the April 12, 2010 issue of President Magazine, a bi-weekly business magazine catering to young, career-oriented business professionals, the book was featured as one of the “109 Books You Cannot Do Without.”

THE ZAPPOS MIRACLE explains how Zappos defines, nurtures and manages its culture in a practical, easy-to-read manner. It shows that Zappos’ strategy is viable by explaining how the Web is changing our worldview and how this change is impacting people’s attitudes and value systems toward businesses. By discussing the lessons other businesses can learn from Zappos, the book shows the reader how to create a company fueled by the passion of employees and customers.

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