Top 10 Coworking Spaces for Small Businesses (Video)


Starting a business, especially if you’re a solopreneur or inexperienced, is a lonely undertaking.

You see, humans are social creatures and are used to reaching out to each other for knowledge, advice, and camaraderie, none of which you’re going to get sitting alone in your home office.

This is why coworking spaces came about. These businesses were created to provide a place to work and to offer basic business services such as a receptionist, mail room, copiers, printers and internet connectivity.

But the best coworking spaces aim to be more than a simple “office away from home”. Their offerings, highlighted in the video above, take them to the next level.

What Makes These the Best Coworking Spaces?

The 10 coworking spaces featured in the video offer a wide range of services that make them more than a place to work. From educational opportunities to specialized equipment, and networking opportunities, they work hard to support their member’s success.

Some of the services highlighted in the video can make a real difference to a young small business. One coworking space negotiates discounts on everything from flights and hotels to payroll and healthcare. Another provides introductions to key people like mentors, industry experts, influencers and investors. Still another has created separate locations for businesses to gather if they focus on specific issues like energy, environmental entrepreneurship and social impact.

Are you beginning to see what differentiates the top 10 coworking spaces featured in the video from others? It’s that “above and beyond” spirit of service that makes them stand out, each in its own particular way.

And, if you’re worrying whether all these great services comes at too high a cost, set your concerns aside. You’ll find plenty of affordable membership options, each of which enables you to get in on the services that set these coworking spaces apart.

Ready to get started? Then watch the video and discover what these spaces have to offer your small business.

Make sure to also check out the full list of 20 hot coworking spaces for business.

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