Top 10 Jobs That Are Fun (Video)


Nothing is worse than being bored at work.

When you’re bored, the day drags by and it’s hard to feel motivated. Your work feels like work and that’s never a good thing.

How can you avoid being bored at work? By finding a job that engages you, a job like one of the 10 in the video above.

Jobs That Are Fun Engage You

You’re engaged in your work when you feel emotional involvement or commitment. If you lack one or both of these feeings, you’ll start to wonder why you even bother showing up. Before you know it, you’ll be bored.

The key then is to find a job that engages you, one that makes the day fly by. Whether you’re a dog walker who loves to care for animals or a personal shopper who finds deep satisfaction in helping others feel good about themselves, if you connect with what you’re doing day in and day out, your job will be fun.

While the 10 jobs listed in the video above cover a wide range of fields and professions, they all have one thing in common: the opportunity to engage those employed in those careers. We’re all different and what engages you will not engage another however, you’ll find some common themes of engagement in the video including:

  • Winning;
  • Caring for animals;
  • Helping other people; and
  • Completing a project.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of engaging themes for jobs. After all, an accountant needs to feel the commitment to make all the numbers add up and that’s just another kind of engagement.

Perhaps this is the real meaning behind that often quoted piece of advice, “Do what you love.” It’s not that you have to love every moment of every day, but you do need to be engaged and if you can find a job that fulfills that need, it will be fun.

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