Untangling the Web: Developing a Blueprint for Digital Marketing


In just two decades, the digital revolution has transformed the way we do business and the way we market our businesses. The global advent of e-commerce, the social media phenomenon and the spread of smartphones have influenced almost every aspect of human life. This has meant a multitude of opportunities for the digital marketer – but also a multitude of challenges. How can new or established, large or small businesses tap into these trends to ensure they don’t get left in digital’s dust? Untangling the Web draws together the disparate strands of digital marketing – social media, SEO, content marketing and data analysis – and presents the reader with strategies for tying them together into a cohesive plan that can mean success for your business. With the world of digital marketing changing fast, Untangling the Web presents strategies to cope with the pace of change and a discussion of emerging trends that can help you future-proof and position your business on the world market. This book is for you if you: • Want to learn about digital marketing strategy that works. • Want to quickly grasp the fundamentals of digital marketing, and apply them to your business • Are curious about the rapidly changing world of online marketing, and would like to get your hands on a guide meant for dummies. • Are the owner of a small business, an entrepreneur or a beginner in the world of business.

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