Vivaldi Browser Offers Alternative to Chrome, Firefox, Others



Let’s face it, the browsers used today can only be described as functional, leaving much to be desired when it comes to aesthetics and customization. So with that in mind, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner launched Vivaldi community and the Vivaldi web browser.

Vivaldi is a Chromium/Blink engine based web browser, which according to von Tetzchner is for ourselves and for our friends. After helping create the Opera browser, he didn’t like direction the company was taking, so he decided to create Vivaldi.

This browser has many functionalities that gives the user more control to customize how they use their browser. The latest version of Vivaldi, 1.4, has added more features in addition to the previous customization options.

These are the latest improvements in Vivaldi 1.4.

A Look at the Alternative Browser Vivaldi

Schedule Theme Changes


You can now switch to your favorite theme by scheduling it throughout the day as many times as you want. The schedules can be set to alert you of important times during your work day. By the way this is the only browser with this feature, and if you are on the computer all day, the change can be refreshing.

Web Panels

You can now add individual websites to the side panels so you can browse along the main browser window without having to resort to the tabs. The new feature has more options so you can control how you view each panel.

Alternative Browser Vivaldi - Web Panels


By middle-clicking on the trash bin icon you can quickly restore the last closed tab. If you accidentally close a tab or just want to access your last session, this is a great time saver.

Alternative Browser Vivaldi - Restore

If you are not aware of Vivaldi, here some of the other features the browser offers.

Quick commands lets you use the key board to quickly access settings, tabs, bookmarks and history with a keyboard shortcut. You can also create custom commands for the tools you use most, which can save a lot of time over using the mouse.

Notes lets you jot down anything you want while you are browsing. It also keeps track of the website you are browsing while taking notes, and if you want to add tags and take screen shots it is as easy as clicking your mouse.

Alternative Browser Vivaldi - Notes

Speed Dials groups together graphical blocks of your favorite sites so you can access them from a single window. You can add and remove folders with the sites you use most.

Alternative Browser Vivaldi - Speed Dial

This type of customization is ideal for users that are on their computer all day. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a large enterprise, the features Vivaldi offers are applicable for everyone, because they are practical, easy to use and extremely efficient.

If you really want to enjoy your browsing experience, you can download Vivaldi 1.4 here.



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