What is Busker and How Can I Use It for Business?


Livestreaming is one of the easiest ways to increase your brand recognition, viewers and qualified leads.

There are already a number of livestreaming apps with massive user bases. Periscope, a Twitter app, already boasts more than 200 million broadcasts and now, there are apps like Busker that allow you to not only stream live, but also earn tips (support) from your viewers.

So What is the Busker App?

Like Periscope and Facebook Live, Busker is a live streaming platform that allows you to broadcast live as well as engage with your viewers.

“Anyone can showcase a talent, share a passion or discuss a product they love,” states the company on its website. “The audience can join in and post comments and questions, support a host or even buy a product straight from the video.”

Unlike other live streaming apps, Busker allows anyone with some form of talent — fashionistas, fitness experts, musicians, beauticians or chefs — to receive support in form of tips from their audience.

You can also make sales while broadcasting.

How Does this Work?

Once you have downloaded the Busker app, you can go live instantly and as you broadcast, your viewers might see a product that they like and they can learn more about it by chatting with you. If they like it, they can also purchase it without ever leaving the video.

Schedule Broadcasts in Advance

The app also allows you to schedule your broadcast in advance and once you go live, your audience will receive alerts to join in. You don’t need to worry about your audience missing your broadcast since anyone who misses has an opportunity to watch the replay anytime afterwards. They also still have an option to buy a product or support you with tips.

Busker for Business?

One of the major advantages of using live streaming video for your business is that it humanizes your business/brand. Your potential customers (audience) are able to establish an emotional connection with your business. Busker offers this and more.

You could use it for live Q&A, live tutorials, product demos, customer service, announcements, exclusive offers as well as a tool for crowdsourcing feedback and other types of information.

The app, introduced back in April, was initially only available on iOS but has recently moved to Android. Time will tell whether it is an effective way to monetize your business broadcasts.

Image: Busker


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