What Ocean Cleanup Efforts Can Teach You About Problem Solving (Watch)


Big problems require big solutions. And cleaning all of the trash out of the world’s oceans definitely qualifies as a big problem.

That’s why groups like Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup want to employ multiple strategies to attack this pollution problem. First, groups want to create giant filter barriers that would comb the trash out of ocean currents. Then, they want to use autonomous robots to soak up oil spills and other liquid pollution.

And finally, the groups also place a lot of emphasis on simply picking up trash by hand. The Ocean Conservancy hosts an annual cleanup event that encourages people from around the world to head to their local coast lines and pick up trash before it can get swept into the ocean.

Multiple Solutions in Business Problem Solving

When it comes to problem solving, businesses can potentially learn a lot from this type of approach. You might not need to tackle a problem quite as large as cleaning up the world’s oceans. But you still may run into situations where you have to employ multi-tier solutions.

Those solutions might be on a large scale, like inventing huge filters. But they might also be smaller, like picking up trash by hand. And in a lot of situations, you might need to use both types of problem solving to really make a difference.

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