What Super Mario on iPhone Teaches Small Business About Mobile Friendly (Watch)


Miss playing Super Mario Games? Well, you don’t have to dig out that old Super Nintendo if you decide to play again. Nintendo just announced a brand new Mario game that’s built specifically for mobile.

That’s right — you will soon be able to play Mario on your phone. The game, called “Super Mario Run,” features the popular character running in a two dimensional world. It probably looks familiar to anyone who has played Mario games in the past.

But make no mistake — this is an entirely new game. Nintendo created the experience to be entirely mobile friendly. You can even play it with one hand so you don’t have to be fully dedicated to the game when you’re out and about or multitasking.

That’s an important distinction, as mobile users are completely different from use on dedicated gaming consoles. So simply repurposing the same game so that it works on a mobile platform but has the same number of controls and options could prove to be too complicated for those who just want to play a leisurely game on their phones.

This lesson is an important one for small businesses to keep in mind too. If you’re creating any type of experience for mobile customers, whether it’s an app or your website, think about how those customers are actually going to use it.

The Takeaway: Design Your Mobile UI Around the Customer Experience

Just because a site technically works on a mobile device doesn’t actually make it mobile friendly. It has to also be practical for customers using it. That means making it easy and even enjoyable to browse your offerings, learn more about your business and even make a purchase or pay or a service right from a phone.

Image: Apple

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