What to Look For in an Agency Management Software


Whether you’re in a marketing agency, advertising agency, or a boutique creative agency, you share the same need as these other groups to [1] collaborate quickly and [2] generate campaigns or creative assets that [3] clients must approve. It’s all about speed of execution and efficiency of teamwork — all in the service of the customer. And in order to get things done, you must have the proper agency management software, ideally the best online tools that can bring efficiency to your agency.

At the very least, what characteristics are crucial for an agency management system? Here are three.

Your Agency Needs Software That Scales

In order for your own agency to scale, it will need a software system that is able to do the same. If you’re testing different software, take a look at the frequency of its updates, look for signs that the developers are on top of their game and are listening closely to the needs of users. Will the software company be around long enough to serve you two, five, or even ten years down the road? Is their customer service helpful, easy to contact, and responsive? Will they be able to support you when your team doubles in number? Do a comparison of all your options side-by-side to find the one the best.

Your Agency Needs Customizable Options

The very definition of a creative director’s or a campaign manager’s role changes rapidly every month; the software they use to manage work often does not match those changing needs. Which is why it’s important to find a software that gives you the flexibility to redesign workflows or customize options. Why enslave your agency to a rigid workflow dictated by the tool when you should be finding a tool that can bend to the way you already do things?

Your Agency Management Software Needs Solid Review/Approvals

Every creative or marketing agency has its own process for bringing in work, executing it, and then getting important feedback from both internal and external clients. For a tool to streamline the way your agency works, it should have a foolproof way to show creative work to clients and get their feedback or have them sign off on a deliverable. It should have timestamps to show when an asset was approved, and by whom. It should have a way for all feedback to be communicated to the team so that changes can be implemented. Bonus points if it has a versioning system so that you don’t need to look through a dozen file attachments all named “Final-Final.jpeg.”

Those are the three most crucial elements that an agency software should have. But there is much more, in case you want a deep dive. Read this post if you want a more comprehensive list of 10 features to look for in an agency management software.

Agency Management Resources

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