Who Stole My Customer?? Winning Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Customer Loyalty


Who’s stealing your customers? Why is it happening? How can you stop it? These are the toughest questions facing virtually every enterprise. Who Stole My Customer?? is your complete guide to planning and implementing customer loyalty processes that really work-because they’re built around what your customers really want.


Harvey Thompson helps you view your business and its processes through your customer’s eyes … and you might be shocked at what you see. You’ll systematically discover the real drivers of customer loyalty in your business, so you can focus your customer relationship investments for maximum value. Drawing on his unsurpassed experience at IBM and other world-class enterprises, Thompson shows exactly how to rebuild every touchpoint around your customer’s needs … and overcome every obstacle that stands in your way.


You won’t just improve customer retention for a quarter or two: you’ll build resilient customer relationships that resist competition for years to come.

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