Why Some Businesses Treat the Holiday Season Like the Super Bowl (Watch)


In the U.S., the best TV commercials of the year usually air during the Super Bowl. But the logic behind putting so much emphasis on that one event might actually be flawed.

In the U.K., businesses put more of an emphasis on creating viral TV commercials and video ads for the holiday season. It might not have that same high one-time viewership of an event like the Super Bowl. But it does make sense for companies to air their ads to customers who are actually looking for places to buy holiday gifts. Meanwhile Super Bowl viewers seeing ads for beer and chips are pretty likely to already be consuming those items.

There isn’t one right answer for every business. Some companies might find their content more suited to the audience of a large sporting event, while others might do better with holiday viewers. And some might even choose a different strategy altogether.

Choose the Target Market Strategy That Will Work Best for Your Small Business

As a small business, it’s unlikely that you’ll be in the market for a Super Bowl ad spot anytime soon anyway. But there’s still value in actually thinking about what type of ads and marketing materials are going to resonate the most with your specific customer base. It’s better than just going with the target market strategy that seems to be the most effective for other businesses. Just because something is popular or expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to actually work for you.

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